Sanja, Gordana, Savo, and

Slavko Heleta in 2006

Savo’s graduation from St. John’s University, Minnesota, in 2006

Savo’s dad in 1991

Savo swam in the freezing cold

river Drina for almost 2 miles to escape from Gorazde in April 1994

Sanja and Savo in

1984, enjoying an idyllic,

peaceful childhood

Gorazde, the city where Savo spent his childhood and two horrific years during the war

Savo’s family was detained in this building during the war

Savo’s parents after their escape in 1994; they lost half of their body weight each in two years

Listening to a former Robben Island prisoner in 2005

Map of the

Former Yugoslavia

Savo volunteering at a

primary school in South Africa

The escape route

Savo and Sanja Heleta, 1984The Heleta familyGorazdeSlavko and Gordana Heleta, 1994



Not My Turn to Die

Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia


Sanja in New York in 2000

Sanja and Savo in 2004

Savo and Sanja in 2005

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